Infographic: Shark Attack


Please scroll down all the way. Shocking.

new study published earlier this year in Marine Policy put the number of sharks slaughtered each year at 100 million, or roughly three sharks caught per second. Outraged by these shocking numbers, Joe Chernov and Robin Richards created an infographic to put the figures in perspective. While shark attacks on humans do happen (there were 12 fatal ones last year) the existential threat humans pose to the future of sharks is far graver. While there’s a lot to be said about the horrors of shark finning, we’ll let this graphic do the talking.

Infographic: Shark Attacks

found by Rahul Muralidharan.

what is that thing you bought?

These are three excerpts from the Marxists Internet Archive’s Encyclopaedia of Marxism that explore fetishism, and the reign of commodities. We found this to be a necessary appendage to The Story of Stuff at our SCREEN today.

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