The Crane by Reiner Zimnik

Reiner Zimnik was born in 1930 in Poland, and began drawing at the age of five. At the end of Second World War, he settled in Germany in Munich, where he works as a writer and an artist. He says he likes nature, a simple life and ordinary people.

The town council builds the tallest crane in the world and puts it in charge of a young man with a blue feather in his cap. He climbs to the driver’s cabin at the top and stays there. From his perch he watches the town change, a war come and go, a flood sweep in to cover the land. The he is alone except for his friend, the eagle. All the time he keeps the crane in working order till the disasters are over and a new world grows up beneath him. But by then the crane driver is getting old and tired: time for him to move on?

This is a book every child should read, but it doesn’t really matter if you’re not a child anymore. Like Antoine de Saint Exupery wrote in his dedication note at the beginning of The Little Prince: All grown-ups were once children–although a few of them remember it. If you haven’t read this book and you know us, you’re welcome to come and spend a day at our home library. If you don’t know us, a few prints are still available on


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