The Map of Fiction Island

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another day?

We were looking around to see what we could start this week with, when Rahul, our friend, suggested the beautiful self-portrait of Mickey Smith, Dark Side of the Lens.

carpe diem

Life is something I was raised to embrace. Me ma always encouraged us to open our eyes and heart to the world. Make up our minds through experience and be inspired.

I see life in angles, in lines of perspective – the slow turn of a head, the blink of an eye, subtle glimpses of magic – other folk might pass by. Cameras help me translate, interpret and understand what I see. It’s a simple act that keeps me grinnin’. I never set out to become anything in particular, only to live creatively and push the scope of my experience for adventure and for passion. They still all mean something to me, same as most anyone with dreams. My heart bleeds celtic blood and I magnetize the familiar frontiers. The raw brutal cold coastlands for the right waveriders to challenge – this is where my heart beats hardest.

For fires of happiness and waves of gratitude. For everything that brought us to that point on earth at that moment in time, to do something worth remembering with a photograph, or a scar -I feel genuinely lucky and hand on heart say I love doing what I do. And I may never be a rich man, or live long enough, then sadly I have a tale or two for the nephews. And I dig the thought of that.

transcribed by Dan Coleman in Open Culture.


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