Apocalypse and the Souvenir Maker

These are two of our favourite pieces by installation artiste, who lives shuttling between India and Korea, Tallur L N:

To view more of his work and about him go to his website.


“Polished” is considered to be “civilized”, “Well mannered”. We have developed a machine to transform your money civilized and well mannered. That is … to turn “POLISHED”. If you have money that needs to be civilized or well mannered, please drop them in to this machine. You can view your money turning civilized, Well mannered…believe me… in front of your eyes! If you have accumulated more of these coins, you may even think of buying this machine! You may please place your orders at the reception counter.

Electro magnetic polishing system, coins and walk-in cage


Souvenir Maker: Designed in America, Conceptualised in India, Made in China, Sponsored by Korea, Yes we are conditioned to think under flag…

The viewer can operate a machine by turning on a switch. When the machine is off, the viewer can hear national anthems from 40 countries playing in a loop. While the Dimension. machine runs, its noise overpowers the anthems. The machine runs for 30 seconds.

2009 (Indian Version), Barbed wire making machine, gold plated barbed wire, National anthems of 40 countries, glass jars
Variable (site specific)

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