one word

log on to It’s a very simple write-everyday exercise. You’ll see one word on the top of the screen. You have sixty seconds to write about it. Don’t think. Just write. Today, the word was carved. Some interesting pieces of writing:

I dug my knife into the bar of soap in my hand, watching as little shavings peeled over my hand. Delicately, I began to curve around the soap, causing little ripples in the sides. The smell of cinnamon was overwhelming, but I could stand it. I was enthralled by my creation. I had only just begun, but I could see it in my mind. It was like there were lines drawn around the bar, telling me where to go. The bird’s face began to show, the beak peeking out at me from the tip of the soap. The cream feathers curled around my fingers as the knife shaved them. I carved in the little feet, taking care not to break off the most pretentious piece of soap in the whole creation. I whittled the slight lines in the legs, watching it come to life. My smile was blazing across my face as I began to watch the bird fly out of the soap, my knife the key to unleashing it. – Emily

I carve my name into the side of the wall, then I scoot my mattress up against it. No one will ever know my secret. My real name, my power and control. But what is power? Without the risk of losing it all, no one has a need to cling on with intensity. – Susannah

Strange things go on in people’s minds. Enjoy writing everyday, just a bit, to clear out your mind or find something that was hiding in it for long.

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