the spirit of idealism

Alfredo goes to Madrid with a handmade marionette and a dream of creating “a performance which is freer, straight from the heart, capable of making people feel alive.” He quits school after a spat with a professor on his psychoanalytic methods, evocatively pronouncing why acting –

To do something for me and for others. Acting because it’s a form of human connection, a way to reach understanding and comprehension. That’s why… I’d love to change this fucked-up world. And I think there’s still time.

A Spanish filmmaker, Achero Manas, like a documentary, follows the life of this radical (yet fictional) street theatre group born from Alfredo’s ideals and friendships:

For a year now, we’ve found artistes all around the world struggling with survival, space, interaction and political dialogue. We saw photoshop memes, invisible men, large community darkrooms, walls with dreams and much more. This film envelops almost all of our dilemmas: Survival vs Ideals, Freedom vs Appropriate, Us vs. Law.

In retrospective, the film explores November’s dilemmas with commodification of art and the revolutionary potential of art for personal and social change.

You have to watch the film for Achero Manas’ impeccable storytelling, Oscar Jaenada’s and everyone’s performance, and for the various ideas and questions its throws at us.

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