UNCLEAR ENERGY: Anusakthipuram and Kalma

There is a country called Developmentopuri. It is headed by a king called Makku Man. He often talks of his glorious dream of lighting up his country. To realize that, he busies himself to set up Anusakthipurams, throughout the country. But people living near the proposed Anusakthipurams for a very long time are against Makku Man’s ideas. They feel that Anusakthipurams are dangerous. Previous instances of gory disasters, due to natural calamities or human errors in Anusakthipurams throughout the world has made them think like this. They feel that their livelihoods are in peril.

Since the King has a reputation of being intolerant to views contrary to his, anybody who insisted on contrary viewpoints would be branded anti-national and jailed under harsh laws. The King and his ministers are a corrupt bunch. So the people refuse to believe the exhortations of the Government that Anusakthipurams are safe places. The King gets nervous. He wants the Anusakthipuram to come up at any cost.  He has promised as much to his foreign friends, and they wouldn’t take it lying down if he does not deliver on his promise.

He contacts his truthful friend, Mr Kalma, the astrologer with a soothsaying parrot. Kalma, the kili josiyar, also shares the King’s dream. Before entering his post-retirement profession as an astrologer, Kalma headed a program to make rockets that were called Always Sea Landing Vehicles (ASLV). Kalma’s parrot, he claims, has the ability to predict any kind of disaster. After a flying visit to one Anusakthipuram, he declared that his parrot started to sing the song Nothing, nothing, wrong, wrong. Anusakthipurams are strong, strong. According to his parrot, no tsunami or earthquake or any other natural disaster will affect the Anusakthipuram. Very safe, very safe. Anusakthipurams are very safe, the parrot sang.

Nowadays, the parrot’s songs are ceaselessly heard from loudspeakers throughout the country, which were installed by the king to exactly repeat his words. But the protesting people are simply awestruck. They are skeptical about the magical liability of the parrot. The people didn’t want to risk their lives on a prevaricating parrot’s predictions. Mr. General Public, who is a spectator to the stand-off between people near Anusakthipuram and the Government, is seriously confused. Amidst the din of the loudspeakers, Mr. Public has heard some lonely voices mocking the parrot’s prediction. And he felt that those voices made some sense. Mr. Public is in desperate search for truth. He has questions nagging his mind —

Questions like,

Why is Makku Man so intent on Anusakthipurams?

Is lighting up the nation the real agenda?

Are there really no other ways to do this?

Why are the protesters unconvinced?

If the protesters are correct, why are the loudspeakers singing otherwise.

One group of youngster, who know that the Parrot is lying, plans to share the truth with other youngsters — through music, theatre, and film. They call it Justice Rocks. Contrary to popular custom, these youngsters will not take a begging bowl to big companies for sponsorships. They will raise money through voluntary contributions.

So if you have questions, why don’t you go to the Justice Rocks Concert?


unsponsored by A P J Abdul Kalam and the Nuclear Industry

Date: 15/12/2011 | Time: 6.30 p.m.

Place: SPACES, No. 1, Elliot’s Beach Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai  – 90.

Organized by: Campaign for Justice and Peace-TN, and Reclaim Our Beaches.


Justice Rocks is a medium to expose youngsters to serious social issues using satire and music. It is also a demonstration that one can have fun without selling one’s soul to corporations, creating loads of trash or burning wads of cash. Unlike the norm of hosting concerts and events sponsored by big and dirty corporations, Justice Rocks organises “Unsponsored Concerts.” In sponsored concerts, the organisers sing praises of their sponsors. In “Unsponsored Concerts,” we make fun of our “unsponsors.” Read more at Anti-Nuclear Solidarity, a blog by Chennai Solidarity Group for Koondankulam. Or RSVP on Facebook.

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