Please endorse this petition started by one of the Bhopal olympians asking Indian Olympic Association to boycott Dowlympics.

Indian Olympics Association does not want to boycott Dow chemicals sponsored London Olympics 2012. Union Carbide (Dow Chemical subsidary) was declared a fugitive from justice by Indian courts in 1992, since they were responsible for killing 25000 plus people Bhopal Gas Tragedy (December 2–3, 1984).

Dow Chemical acquired Union Carbide as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2001.The area around the factory is densely populated and continues to be heavily contaminated by chemicals and toxins produced by the factory which Dow, despite their evident responsibility, have thus far refused to clean up.

The situation in Bhopal is a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe that continues to affect tens of thousands of people today. For further information see Sign the petition here.

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