the police are everywhere

It looks like the police have gone mad everywhere. Malaysia for asking electoral reformParamakudi for paying respect to Immanuel Sekaran. Occupy protesters pepper sprayed.

batons. whips. teargas. rubber bullets. electric tasers. cctv. water canons. LRAD. and pepper spray. stay at home you fool. the police are on the streets. they’re watching. they’re making sure we don’t ever never even think of criticizing the State. it’s blasphemy. it’s heresy. it’s sedition. don’t you dare open your mouth. There we go, now we hope the police are happy with at least a bunch of us and maybe our eyes won’t be burning for wanting to speak out.

They have this idea that they’re always right. For instance, it started with CCTV but the beaches in Chennai are slowly getting to be a nightmare. We love (at least used to love) spending our evenings in the beach. Except now, three or four khaki clad righteous people get to march around at 7 pm, shine bright torches at us and make us get out. This could be the work of the perfectly wonderful upper middle class residents with houses on the beach. Who would want to spoil their view? Or the Chief Minister might be feeling like a walk every evening. Whatever the reason or no reason, it’s stupid. Maybe, some day we should refuse to get out, but pardon that rational friend who’s going to beg us till we run. The police are after all the torch bearers of law and order. God knows, who came up with idea of Nation State, laws in books and then some employed paunches to moral police the public. Come on!

If people cannot speak to people, what’s the point of all of this. Luckily, before we blew out our brains, something we came across reminded us of an extremely effective weapon. In fact, we came across so many examples. Something that angers society, bureaucracy, and police so effectively.

Art. It actually gets people together, makes them talk and conveys the message. We will be trying to do our bit by sharing with you the amazing artistes and people we come across, while we figure out how exactly we’d get out on the streets. So, the pepper spraying cop trail is one of them.

Little did we know that Pepper Spraying Cop has cracked down on so many famous moments in history!! This Tumblr will help document the long pepper spraying arm of this officer of the law!

the photoshop meme

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