the wall again

The wall – a fascinating medium, space, canvas – the perfect place for dialogue. With each walled facade we pass by and with each artist we encounter, we’ve come to believe in this so strongly. Candy Chang‘s Before I die… is one more case of proof. An artist, designer, and urban planner, (and a TED Fellow!), she works on making cities more comfortable for people.

An abandoned house in New Orleans, the loss of a friend, and the help of many friends, inspired Candy Chang to turn its wall into a giant blackboard. On it she stenciled the sentence, Before I die I want to _____________ . The neglected became a space for the passersby and residents of the neighbourhood to inscribe their hopes and dreams. Once the wall is filled, they wash the board with water and start with a clean slate again. They are documenting all responses and some will be included in a book.

After receiving many requests, she and her Civic Center colleagues created the Before I die toolkit, that allows you and us to create these walls in our own communities.

Before I die Project Site


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