who are you a part of

Since we got the internet back, we’ve been catching up with fellow bloggers on WordPress whom we follow. thefreeslave has been blogging for over three years with photographs and posts on his experiences, thoughts, and questions on racism, politics and society. He hopes that by “sending out a beacon to the Universe” he might hear an echo. Many people travel towards his blog to know more about racism and share their own experiences.

Today, he caught our eye and head, with his post ‘What is a Gang?’

Gangs aren’t bad in theory, and only a little bit in practice. The practice of picking up the gun can be counterproductive – when using it against his own kind. Guns, dangerous though they may be, are only the tools that desperate people use to attain that which the culture denies them: Power. A sense of power, power in ‘the skin we’re in’, power to create, to eke a humane existence within an insane edifice. The power to survive de-facto genocide.

What are you thinking about?

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