Link: 13th Madurai Film Festival, 2011

13th Madurai International Documentary & Short Film Festival 2011 is jointly organized by MARUPAKKAM and Media Research Centre, Department of Philosophy, Madura College, Madurai. It will happen on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of December 2011.

For the Sarat Chandran Memorial Award for south India short films and documentaries, they have posted a call for entries. The films should talk about people’s struggles and human rights issues. Films on south India, films by south Indians anywhere, films about south Indians where ever they live are all accepted. Short films should be less than 45 minutes, and there is no restriction on duration for documentaries.

First prize is Rs. 25,000 and the second prize is Rs. 10,000; both short films and documentaries will be judged together and awards are presented to the two best films.

An entry fee of Rs. 500 is to be sent as a demand draft along with the entry form, 2 DVD copies and publicity material in both hard and soft copy formats. Last date to send entries: November 1, 2011. The final selected list of films will be announced on December 1, 2011.

Read more about the festival at their blog.

MARUPAKKAM is a media activist group that makes independent films and organizes film screenings, film festivals, and workshops. 

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