Link: Koondakulam

S.P Udayakumar’s article states the reasons for the movement resisting the Koondakulam Nuclear Power Project.

The Prime Minister of India has voted for the project saying, “Nuclear energy is one option to enhance our energy security. The Central government will ensure that this pursued with full regard to the safety, livelihood and security of the people…I count on your support in ensuring timely implementation of the Kundankulam Project.” (quoted from The Hindu Front Page Oct 08, 2011)

It seems like whether we take to fasting or arms, there are certain voices that will go unheard in the Central Government. Why is the government against looking for different sources for energy?

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One thought on “Link: Koondakulam

  1. What sort of Nonsense is this People die without Electricity also. Go to poor people’s house and see. employment opportunity et all are built into it. Another source of energy ? you know anything do it and show

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