C:F Change: YOUTH for youth Challenge invites everyone within the age group 18-30 to think, collaborate and invest some time in actions that will collectively create tangible impact and a better future for underprivileged youth worldwide.

They have chosen to define underprivileged as illiterate, abandoned, homeless, diseased, disabled, refugees, immigrants, and minorities.

So what is Challenge:Future?

Challenge:Future is an international youth think tank and competition that connects corporate and global challenges with the power of youth-driven innovation based on sustainability principles. It’s a place where you can put your creativity to the test and collaborate with others to prove yourself and win amazing awards.

Get together with someone or do this alone. Come up with an action plan that you think will have considerable impact in changing futures. You can apply with a brand new project or for a project you would like to further develop or re-launch.

The best projects will receive funding, scholarships and the winners will be invited to attend the Challenge:Future Academy and Summit 2012 in Slovenia.

Read more about their requirements and procedures on their website.

Submission deadline December 9, 2011. Additional perks if the project is submitted by October 25, 2011. 

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