The Nigah Queerfest ’11: Call for entries

Nigah is a queer collective that works on issues of gender and sexuality. Apart from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, they understand queer to be any identity, politics or process that challenges dominant norms. Based in Delhi, they try to create inclusive and safe queer spaces using media, training and conversations.

The Nigah Queerfest ’11 asks: How do we think about our bodies in relation to our genders or sexualities? How do we create and challenge ideals and norms around the body? Where do we house pleasure and pain in our bodies? What are the ways in which we can and have pooled together our bodies and used them to transform ourselves into a Body Politic, a political movement that is involved in creating social and cultural change?

The Nigah Queerfest ’11 invites you to contribute to the annual theme: Body Politics. Send them photos, collages, illustrations, drawings, or any other kind of visual work that you can email by October 31st, 2011. Read more

If you are an independent queer and/or feminist filmmaker and wish to enter your film into the Nigah Queerfest ’11, please send it to them through the entry form. As an entirely community-funded festival, they focus their limited resources on making the festival fully accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, they will not be able to pay any screening fees to any of the participating filmmakers. Last date of submission is October 15, 2011.

What are you thinking about?

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