iVolunteer: Your skills can change lives

iVolunteer is a not-for-profit organization started by MITRA that links willing volunteers with NGOs for a variety of campaigns or projects for social development. It headquartered in Delhi, but has currently expanded with offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Chennai.

It is a good place for students in college or recently graduated to find opportunities to learn by working on socio-developmental issues. The organization helps to find the volunteer the best opportunities that engage both their skills and interests. Register online

NGOs can register themselves online with iVolunteer to notify them about your needs and terms for volunteers. It might be a good way to network with young minds who are eager to work and learn. Of course, they do have some formalities. A Centre Manager will visit your organization to know better about your work and to assess your volunteering needs.

This initiative has simplified it for both the organization and the willing individual. Their mission to create a volunteering movement in India to fight poverty and disadvantage, might be a little high. But, their work and system is quite engaging to the earnest participants.

However, for initiatives that are ‘Creative-Commons’ registered or not registered as non-profit it is still a great difficulty to bring together people to work towards a variety of issues. And how big is the umbrella of “social development”?

What are you thinking about?

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