by Andreas Kitsios, Cyprus, UK

Posted on Inside my alley in March, 2008

The concept of understanding is far more important than the concept of knowing and remembering.

House – “Right I’ll tell her that everything went on without her. Babies were born, people got married, thousands of people will remember the day that she got raped as the happiest day of their lives.”

“We are selfish base animals crawling across the earth. But because we have brains, if we try real hard, we can occasionally aspire to something that is less than pure evil.”

That’s the idea of life. That’s the idea of what we really are. Selfish uncaring animals that cannot foresee or understand the concept of life. We are animals that see everything from our own point of view, we live happiness in our own head, we understand people’s feelings by faking feelings or trying to look back and compare with our own experiences. You see everything in this world is selfish and there is nothing that can change it. We live our life trying very hard, or many of us at least, to acquire wisdom, power, money, something to make us happy, something to make us better than all the rest.

Normalcy doesn’t include happiness. It’s not in the schedule. You always have to look from someone else’s point of view. You’ll never be happy if you only had the minimum and you’d never be happy if you didn’t have something that other people don’t have. It seems to be that our happiness comes from our narcissistic nature that the whole world is about us.

In this video, you hear wisdom and you see life as it really is. You see life from a different prospective, a prospective that’s real, biased that it is, still real. Because let’s face it the way that I see life is different than the way anyone else sees or experiences life. The main similarity though is that every single one of us sees life from their own prospective. That being so means that everyone has a different world in mind and a different reality that he/she understands. That in turn means that we as animals crawl about in the world looking for different things, but still looking for one thing. That one thing is what our forefathers were looking for, what our grandparents were looking for when they donated half of their genes to bring about our father and mother and the same concept applies to our parents and possibly for us. That one thing is called happiness and the whole journey towards that happiness is our pursuit of it.

Yet again as selfish as we might be. We do aspire goodness. We have a conscience, well not big businessmen , but at least most of us do. With that goodness/conscience that we have we do good deeds to our fellow human beings. But is that idea of doing good deeds not actually being selfish?

Big businessmen give millions of pounds to charity and yet, do so to have their name heard and get away with some taxes. Do you think that people just do these deeds because they do not gain anything from it? For example: Let’s say that A goes and donates $100,000 to a big charity organization so that B child in Africa lives a better life. Does that A man do that in order to simply help B? In most of the cases people who do this, do so to have their name heard as a big humanitarian, in the same way that big movie stars do so. If they don’t have their name heard they might be doing it to avoid taxation on that money because charity money are not taxed. The most sincere reason that someone might do this, reason be that he just wants to help the children in need, is that that action does make him/her feel better. Whatever we do, however we live our life at the end of the day that action does come back to us and does change our life a little bit. That be it we drive our world and our actions narcissistically with one man in the centre of the entire picture and that man is our self.

Another concept of our life other than selfishness is the fact that we are all evil. Evil in the sense that we are not good people in the way we think of good people to be. Our thoughts aren’t pure and certainly our actions do not reflect our thoughts, because if they completely reflected our thoughts and ideas, the world would be a bloodier, uglier, unhappier place to live in.

Why is this so though? Well we are animals. That’s an idea that most people forget. Just because we destroyed the natural habitat of thousands of species to change the world towards our likings, destroying the environment in the mean time, that doesn’t exclude us from the rest of the kingdom Animalia. We live every day of our lives thinking that we are better that the world belongs to us excluding ourselves from the natural order of things. Most of the times we live our lives without thinking or understand that our life could very likely end in any second. We made everything so human centered that we forgot where our evil actions come from.

We have distant ourselves from our past in so many ways: Be it religion, be it politics, be it living in houses, be it killing off any other threads to our existence, that we are now arrogant and think that we are different from all nature. We think that our actions should be pure and nice and depress ourselves into thinking that we should be acting as such and not feeling as such.

You know why humanity was never in peace with our feelings? It’s due to the very simple reason that our feelings do not work well with our big cerebral cortex. It’s true that we have reached a point in our evolution that our cerebral cortex is in opposition with our emotions. The emotions are things that were formed from our evolution that could point you into things that you really wanted to do or had to do. Feelings as such are sexual lust, love, anger, survival instincts. All these things exist in our brain at least but most of us live a life without expressing any or at least most of the above, and live with them suppressed in our heads.

This suppression of our natural instincts leads to many side effects. One of which is depression. Feeling of not being complete, not being happy, to constantly look for something and never finding it, no matter how our life turns out. Distancing ourselves from nature and putting a mask to cover our feelings and our desires has a significant affect in our happiness and in our actions. For example suppressing fear results in anxiety many times, depression, suicidal attempts and many times bursts of anger where the anger is at a level that cannot be controlled, at a level many times that is significantly larger than it would have been if we would have released our anger at the first place. The difference is that now we have more opportunities to be angry about and less opportunities to relax.

So if you consider that we are selfish by nature, have suppressed animal instincts it is very reasonable that most of us will have issues of some sort. Issues that won’t be resolved and they would show up. The weird thing is that these issues are beginning to emerge all the time and are constantly in the news. Teenagers raging and killing children in schools, rapes, jails are being filled with people, crime, increasing occurrence of depression which is predicted to be the number ONE disease in the future. We are not in harmony with what humans should be. We are not in harmony with our nature, we are not smart enough yet to effectively suppress all of our instincts without first having some side effects.

We have created and live in a society which doesn’t care about us because it’s selfish and greedy, that can’t love because it’s suppressed, who doesn’t have time for us and we don’t have time for ourselves, and we have pushed ourselves away from nature and anything that could possibly relax us. It’s no wonder we are unhappy. It’s no wonder we snap all the time. It’s no wonder that we see everything differently, that everything is wrong for us. This is not an excuse though for what we are. This is not an excuse for what we have become as a species.

We have the ability to understand the world. To understand and predict patters of phenomena we can’t even see. Yet we have paid little attention to ourselves. We have paid little attention in understanding the human being as we are and not just from the natural-biochemical-anatomical prospective but also from the natural psychological prospective that arises due to our evolutionary past. Psychologists deal with those things but they, as me generalise everything. They like me put everything in categories and try to explain everything with models. I am being taught some psychology in my medical course and I do not like the way that psychology works and as such I think there is more room for personal philosophy and personal exploration in understanding the personal needs of the individual rather than for the individual to look for advice from other people who frankly do not really care about what you have to say.

Ignorance is a bliss. We used to be ignorant about the world around, about how everything works, about how we were ‘manufactured’ , but now we are ignorant about us. We do not have the time for personal thinking and self exploration and do not have the contact with the environment that people used to have. So since the change can’t come from the outside it should come from within. And from within includes acceptance of what we are. Selfish base animals crawling across the earth that have to try real hard to aspire to something that is less than pure evil.

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