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What is the colour of money?

We heard yesterday that WordPress posts ads randomly in the blog. Since most of the time we’re logged in we do not see them doing this. So we logged out and browsed through the blog once. There was one advertisement for online banking, another for some company called Ecopressed, and several more like that.

We apologize.

When Chai Kadai tried to create a magazine – Cutting Chai – a year ago, we actually opened up for ads. We got two! However, from the beginning we were pretty stubborn about what we’d ‘sell’ in the magazine; we chose a theatre group and a small publication house as our first sponsors.

We would like to be working full time on Chai Kadai. Maybe, earning money out of something you love so much isn’t such a bad idea. But we are scared of what money can do to a relationship as fun and pure as this.

Money manages to beat the fun out of anything green, blue, black without any regrets. Why advertise? Why endorse? We decided against advertising. We figured we could probably run on personal donations and that is what we’ve been doing. And, if there’s someone we would like to support we could definitely think of some nice different ways to do that, than just a double-spread banner.

The fact that WordPress posts these advertisements does disturb us. Mostly, everything is free out here. Maybe, we can be understanding. Gmail reads all our emails every day just to give us ‘content-specific’ advertisement. Everyone has to earn the money somehow probably.

A no-ads upgrade, therefore, costs money. So, a little bit of patience might get us through this too. Why sell when we don’t want to?

Also, we figured some people new to blogging are not aware that most blogs have something new posted every day. All you have to do to be updated is scroll down and you’ll find ‘SUBSCRIBE FOR CHAI’. Enter your email id there and every time we have something new here you’ll know immediately.

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