When Chai Kadai started in 2008, we had decided on only one thing – to create a space that is open for dialogue and action.

And we wrote down an editorial policy: Editing is not censoring or altering the point of view. The Editor works with each contributor separately, in a transparent manner. The goal of the Editor is to help the contributor define the edges in their work and voice, and drive it towards dialogue. Editing should be an extremely open process.

For four years we’ve initiated many trial and error projects (publications, plays, exhibitions). Our one success is that we still exist as an idea and as a collective. This has been possible because of every one of you – who are not just an audience, but a patient participant in this space, equally eager to create and watch others create through dialogue. Therefore, this month ‘CREATION’ has been chosen as a theme.

Around and inside ‘Creation’, we searched and came across many interesting writers, artists, thinkers, and filmmakers. From the creation versus evolution debate to the right side of the brain, we’ve read, watched and interacted with many interesting thoughts, myths, legends, and ideas. Over this month, we hope to give you a large chunk of this dialogue and hope that you will have fun participating in it.

The interface has been simplified to make it easy for anyone and everyone, even those completely new to blogging or WordPress. While we work on our website and magazine for the upcoming issues, we did not want to leave you all with this silence for longer. So, the blog is officially alive. You can happily pester us if we ever fall asleep again.

The sections are* –

1. Blog – we promise regular updates about what we are up to; interviews, articles, links and other interesting posts around the theme and current events

2. Screen – watch theme-based talks, short films, documentaries and music videos with us everyday

3. Links – takes you outside our blog, to events, websites, and other interesting tit bits that we pick on our way

We hope that each one of you enjoy this month here.


*Remember, we still work on a trial and error basis. As needs pop up, things will change. That is exactly why we have so much fun doing this.

If you have anything you would like to submit on this theme, send it to us: chaikadai[at]gmail[dot]com. No guidelines.

2 thoughts on “creates…creating…created…?

  1. starting with a phrase from The heart of compassion by his holiness the dalai lama-
    Heart and Mind working in harmony will yirld a truly peaceful and friendly human family 🙂
    wishing all success for re opening of chai kadai looking forward to many cups of sudana chai ……..:)

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