Savita Bhabhi Strikes Again

by Samyuktha PC


This is not an age of revolutions, but dullness, we hear. However, innovation might have not completely died. Some anonymous characters have made the sexy bhabhi image sell all around the world, with one website, and beautifully illustrated comics.

While most of the media is busy type-casting terrorism, Savita Bhabhi turns all of it into a voyeur’s treat with her new adventure. Yes, she is in her dream frolicking around Kashmir with terrorists, undercover policemen, and all men. A typically undercover look at pornography and sexcapades, currently facing CyberMedia News’ petition to block the site and follow it with a CBI inquiry to bring the owners of the Canada website to book, the site is still going strong. Strong in visuals, views, and colour! However, stronger than ever, Savita Bhabhi claims to “Save the World one Dick at Time,” in the newest issue. Pornography is down-right illegal in this country, and even talking about sex is not acceptable in many cases. But, under-cover or not, this team sensationalizes sex with India’s first porn star, not being a person, but a perfectly voluptuous comic book character.

It is not really unacceptable for a man to get horny or think about sex. This is taken to be natural in any Indian community. But, with “Indian culture” pushed down women’s throats, even her fantasies are subjected to the Censorship board. “Think what you want within your four walls, but if you speak of it you’re a heretic, a witch, or a bitch.”

Do you find this sick? Women get raped, people sever each others’ heads, children get abused, families kill each other within four walls, and all this stays within those walls, because it is immoral to talk about this and spoil one’s status in society. These voyeurs of perversion can carry on under-cover and we’ll shut about them. But, one innocent site that just draws sex we have our problems with. Who isn’t a voyeur? Savita Bhabhi at least has the element of style!

It is fine to be a voyeur of violence nowadays, when we watch Mumbai attacks sensationalized on TV increasing the TRP ratings. It is perfectly fine, to watch those TV Channels announce “We will be back after a short commercial break,” just after they announced casualities of hundreds with a presentable smile on their face. All this is fine, but being naturally primitive and excited by sex, is against the law, culture, and “God”. Phew! This world, and not Savita Bhabhi, has to be shoved down a huge drain. Those who read newspapers, watch television, stare at the breasts of a woman in the bus, photograph calamities, are all voyeurs. But, we cringe to accept any form of reality.

In this deepest intolerance of life, pornography, especially comic books, are the last evils of society. One is not raising their hand to defend snuff, child pornography, mms scandals, and forced pornography or prostitution. At the same time, one is not raising their hands in support of glorifying violence, gaping at a fashion mishap as a model’s top falls off, linking people in scandals that invade privacy, type-casting and stereotyping people with specific identities. With all kinds of men and women writing these “scandulous” incest stories all over the internet, probably India could ban internet itself. But, no what happens to the IT industry? One can just imagine the terrorised looks on the administrators’ faces. With no women, men or children gettin hurt or forced, with just art, Savita Bhabhi is probably the most decent form of pornography one has ever come across.

Enough people are out there writing about this website and its successes, but this is a statement to the society. This is a statement to societies who conveniently label their opponent as a voyeur and destroyer of “culture”. In this world of many stereotypes, connecting religion and violence, gender and position, caste and voice, this stereotype is flimsy. One doesn’t essentially need only Savita Bhabhi to corrupt any mind. We have men dragging women out of pubs with their hair. Glorifying violence corrupts people for sure, but not sex. Sex and porn is not new to this culture, otherwise the Kamasutra would not have been written, and the Temple of Love, Khajuraho would not have been built.

Sex is the most primitive instinct, and all Savita Bhabhi does is to add the excited human touch to it. But, does one think ‘saving one dick at a time’ is a little too far? Actually, it is a laugh at the rest of the media. The media with their desperate additions of zig and excitement, watches as Savita Bhabhi strikes again to show the country how to excite people, if that’s what one really wants to do.

17 thoughts on “Savita Bhabhi Strikes Again

  1. We hear the group has moved to a new website. Actually, they did quite long ago. And, they make you pay for a few stories. – that is the new place. Now, not only Savita, but they have a whole host of characters up there.

  2. I don’t get this. Is it okay to have ‘decent’ pornography, just for the sake of pissing off hypocritical voyeurs who talk of culture? That would simply be a hasty mess-up of the real objective!

    IMO, as much as cultural hypocrites need to be weeded out; it’s important that we don’t take SB to be the sickle. That’s like fighting hangover without moving the punch bowl.

  3. Savita Bahbhi’s promoters are doing good, yes it is taboo when it comes to sex in India, but the whole world accepts it is India which wide open in sex matters than any other country or religion. (See Hostory channel episodes Sex Region basis, I do not exactly remember the name, search in history Channel). How many woman can not still express what they want and how many men are capable to satisfying the woman. I think this cartoon is OK to educate,

    but what I feel is if the developers instead of creating the random story lines take the principles of Kama sutra and try to craete a story around the same and present it it would give more interesting as There is aspect that Kama Sutra has not touched from enhancing mens Potential including enlrging the penis to seducing woman.

    Hope the story line follows some thing similar episodes in relation to modern times would be taken in real spirit and may many people would benefit from that.

    • Sometimes, we just need accept something is a popular medium to talk about certain issues. How can we stop people viewing pornography? By barging into houses, blocking sites, blah blah. Somethings cannot really be stopped. And, just for my own sake – Pornography in cartoons is okay. Yes, I am making an exception. As long as real people or children are not being forced into this – which unfortunately they are, that is why there is so much bad air about it – we can at least be okay with things like Savita Bhabhi comics. using these stories to educate about sex? maybe, a good idea.

      facilitator-Chai Kadai.

  4. Guess what! I can’t get to the Savita Bhabhi site at all! Whether I use the link you’ve put up, or google search, it tells me that the site is temporarily unavailable. Bleah.

  5. Super Ba. SOme people Dont know what they are talking about. Still sont understand why SEX is taboo. It is the most natural thing to do on this planet. Bleddy Double Standards

  6. We are half a century behind in acknowledging ground reality for what it is. But our generation is up to it. The next will go past it. India’s Sixties still have to swing! May be our Twenties, this century, will twirl! 😀

    Two-thirds of our country’s cultural torch bearers don’t know what the Lingam symbolises. They don’t even want to know. That’s why they stick to Ram. They can tolerate being identified as Chauvenists, but not sexually real and normal people. We owe it in great deal to the floundering middle ages and the Manusmriti. We divided our classes even before the world thought about “class struggles.” Our ancestors chose wrong sides. Had the original four vedas been stuck to, with severity, we might have been better off. Oh… even a fool can be wise in retrospection. But, it will all change!

    In addition to this, I found this video quite sensible in clearing the upholding-our-Indian-Culture dilemma. Kamal’s Interview

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